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Nokogiri Yama (Mt.)  Chiba, Japan  鋸山 千葉 日本
 Carved by Yakushi Nyorai in the Edo period, this Daibutsu is the largest pre-modern stone-carved Daibutsu in Japan at 31.05 metres ( 1001.9 ft ) and is located in the town of Kyonan.

Cairo, Egypt    2010Signs of storefronts on historic Talaat Harb Street in downtown Cairo. 

Con solera.

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GREEN ZERO - Prefab Retreat

It’s small, a private retreat that acts as a sanctuary from the everyday for you or for guests that goes beyond the backyard shed: this one has a deck/patio area and a bathroom. Essentially, it’s a modular hotel room.” - Design Milk
Read and see more of GREEN ZERO by Studio di Architettura Daniele Menichini

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Kyoto, Japan 2008      京都市、日本The entrance at Daitoku-ji temple during cherry blossom season. 

Sibley Colliery, Pennsylvania, 1886

Bangkok, Thailand    2010
Pavilion in the park on the bank of the Chao Phraya river next to the Phra Sumen fort.